Bonus questions also in english and italian

And …. FANFARE … we welcome our first english and italian speaking members. So we added also some bonus questions in these languages.

Please note: We do not translate bonus questions. When somebody requests a german question, we do not add any other languages too!

Be carefully by using mulit-language pools / Tippspiele / prognosticis!

These questions have the same content:
“Who will win the world-cup?”
“Wer gewinnt den World-Cup?”
But each questions needs a single answer. So there is no reason to add both! (like in the screenshot above – makes no sense)
Means: in multi-language pools (you have some german and some italian speaking friends in your game)  you have to use only one of them. For sure we suggest the english one.

Please contact us in the support forums in case of any … FANFARE … question ;o)


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